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Denver, Colorado, 80206
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In-Store Hours:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9:30am - 8pm
Wednesday and Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 12:30pm - 5pm
Sundays closed

Lunch break daily from 1:00-1:45pm

Closed on Major Holidays:
4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor and Memorial day, Easter, New Years Day

Please Call Ahead
We recommend that you call ahead when students are on break, our hours change. Also, if there is bad weather or cancellations in the clinic on our late nights, we might close early

Some Of The Major Brands We Carry:

Biotone Massage Products

Plum Flower Herbs

Earthlite Bolsters

Snow Lotus

Best of Nature

Thera Cane

Oakworks Massage Tables

Seven Forests Chinese Herbs

Golden Flower Herbs

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Chinese Patent Herbs
Bulk Chinese Herbs: Yan Jing Supply is proud to offer one of Colorado's largest selections of Bulk Hebs and Patent Herbs. Questions? Please Call Yan Jing Supply at 1-866-837-1346.
Health Concerns
Health Concerns is at the leading edge of research in herbal medicine, and is known for bringing the centuries of knowledge amassed in the Chinese herbal tradition to the West. Health Concerns was the first company to manufacture Chinese Herbal products in the United States. Please call Yan Jing Supply at 1-866-837-1346 to order
Seven Forests. Please call Yan Jing Supply at 1-866-837-1346 to order
Golden Flower Herbs
Golden Flower Herbs. Please call Yan Jing Supply at 1-866-837-1346 to order




Please call Yan Jing Supply at 1-866-837-1346 to order
Glossary of Latin Terms:
Bulbus = bulb
Folium = leaf
Ramulus = twig
Caulis = stem
Fructus = fruit
Ramus = branch
Cortex = bark
Gelatina = gelatin

Resinae = resin

Cum = with
Herba = leaves and stems
Radix = root
Et = and
Lignum = woody parts
Seu = or
Exocarpium = outer bark
Pericarpium = seed husk
Semen = seed
Extractae = extract
Praeparata = prepared
Spora = spore
Fermentata = fermented
Pulvis = powder
Spora = spore
Flos = flower
Rhizoma = rhizome
Spp. = species
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